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StorEvil 0.1 released

StorEvil 0.1 was “released” today… and by “released” I mean I zipped up the binaries and added some installation instructions.

You can get it from the github download page.

Changes since my last in-depth post about StorEvil:

– Added HTML reporting of spec results using the Spark View Engine.
– New command “storevil init” which creates a config file & spark template in the current directory as well as some examples.
– Ability to bind tables to arrays of parameters that are custom types. (more info on the github wiki).
– Added an example that implements Conway’s Game Of Life using the Cucumber features created by Corey Haines.
– Hacked out a very early semi-functional ReSharper runner (not included in the binaries yet… only supports ReSharper 5 Beta). I’ll work on this more once ReSharper 5.0 is released.
– Support for dependent contexts: StorEvil will inject any constructor parameters into your context classes, and reuse the same contexts throughout the execution of a scenario (so you can break up your contexts into classes irrespective of their shared context). (more info on the github wiki)
– Cleaned up some namespace inconsistencies
– Reworked and simplified a bunch of complex code (Thank you Reflector & the CodeMetrics plugin)
– fixed a bunch of bugs (of course)

If you take a look at it let me know what you think.