StorEvil: What’s in a Name?

My Alt.NET Seattle compatriot Brian Henderson asked about the reason behind the name “StorEvil”.

It’s sort of a pun… first off, obviously, in agile development, a unit of work to-be-done is often referred to as “story”. In StorEvil, “Story” refers to a set of scenarios (basically a single natural language specification file).

Also, many years ago, when I was young and just getting into jazz, I listened to a certain live Charlie Parker album quite a bit.

Also, I’ve always had the suspicion that the whole idea of natural language specs might be slightly Evil.

So, being an old DOS/Windows guy, I just took “Storyville” and twisted it into an 8-character name that almost makes sense.

So there you have it, the triple-entendre behind the StorEvil name.


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